Candle Wax - EcoSoya Wax

NGI EcoSoya CB-Advanced and Pillar Blend are both natural candle waxes.  

EcoSoya CB-Advanced is made from Soy and botanical oils. It delivers a smooth appearance, with an even burn pool, and consistent color retention. It works well with dyes, and is highly frost resistant. It contracts slightly from the container, good hot and cold scent throw. The product format is small beads, carton size 21.8kg.

EcoSoya Pillar Blend is a natural candle wax used to make pillar and votive candles. The wax contracts from the moulds to enable easy mould release. You will need to do two to three pours to fill the void left from contraction. It provides a smooth creamy finish, add dye and fragrance if required. The product format is small beads, carton size 21.8kg.

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