Wax Sprues

Sprues are soft and pliable wax extrusions used in lost wax casting for gating and runner systems. 

Sprues form a mount for the wax pattern and create a channel for the elimination of wax. They form a channel for the entry of molten metal, providing a reservoir to compensate for alloy shrinkage. British Wax provide red and green coloured wax sprues, with the red option being more flexible.

British Wax circle sprues are available with a diametre of 1.6mm (1/16") to 64mm (2 17/32"). We offer a cored (hollow) circle sprue with an outer diamter of 15.8mm (5/8").

Our square sprues are also available in a range of sizes with the side mesaurement varying from 9mm (3/8") to 35mm (1 3/8"). A cored version of this product is also available with a side measurement of 12.7mm (1/2").

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