NatureWax - Soy & Natural Candle Wax

We are the UK and EU leading distributor of NatureWax. NatureWax is a high performance Natural Wax range from Cargill and includes NatureWax C3 a 100% Soy wax.

NatureWax products are known for:

  • Burning up to 50% longer compared to mineral waxes
  • Supporting increased fragrance loading in candle with no synersis as compared to paraffin based waxes.
  • Exhibiting good glass adhesion resulting in fewer production issues
  • From renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished providing long-term, reliable supply.
  • NatureWax C1 and C-3 are in flake format, NatureWax C6 is in block format and Elite 300 available in powder format to enable ease of manufacturing.

The full range available;

  • NatureWax C-1, Container Wax (Soy Palm Wax blend)
  • NatureWax *C-3, Container Wax (100% Soy Wax)
  • NatureWax C-6, Container Wax (Soy Coconut Wax blend)
  • NatureWax Elite 300, Pillar Wax (Palm Wax)
  • NatureWax Coconut 1, candle making additive
  • NatureWax Coconut 2, candle making additive (Soy/Coconut blend)

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