Depilatory Wax - Personal Care

Depilatory Waxes are used for removing unwanted body hair. These waxes leave a smooth, clean and professional finish on all skin surfaces. Depilatory waxes are produced to a mixture of formulations dependent on the client’s specifications. Our high performance waxes have been produced for a variety of skin characteristics and sensitivities.

We offer hard and soft waxes for depilation including; hot, crème, strip and film.

British Wax depilatory waxes come in a wide range of colours and scents. We can offer a unique product should you require specific colours, fragrances or the addition of highly beneficial essential oils and plant extracts such as lavender, tea tree and aloe vera. If you would like a pearlescent wax we can produce formula with a shimmering effect.

We are also able to develop new depilatory waxes should you need a more specific type of product.

For product information please do contact us using the form provided or call us on 01737 761 242.

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