Beeswax, Pharmaceutical and Medical

British Wax operates the only beeswax refinery in the UK and one of just a few in the world.  We refine beeswax to all grades from technical to pharmaceutical grades.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

We refine the majority of our beeswax to European Pharmacopoeia standard  Due to the use of high acidity, high quality waxes, our Ph. Eur. grade beeswax makes excellent emulsions and is used in the excipient base for pharmaceutical creams and ointments.  

Beeswax for Cosmetics and Personal Care

We carry a number of grades of beeswax for cosmetic use and will match the right beeswax to the end use.    Our expertise enables  Those users who need to make a good emulsion will normally Our products are used for moisturisers, cleansers, nail and lip care (including lip balms and lipsticks), hair care (including hair waxes), massage wax and body butters. Our waxes can be used to provide texture, lasting hold, emolliency, definition and waterproofing, as well as rheology modifying 

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